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Welcome everyone from Jon and Keith, here at the flumadiddle compound and heliport. Here we are, our first full length episode and man is there some flumadiddle involved with this ...

Join Jon and Keith at the Flumadiddle excavation review lab to find out what happened to the Roanoke Colony.  Was it ever really lost?

Join Keith and Jon in the Flumadiddle underground bunker as they discuss different levels of doomsday prepping and what is a reasonable amount of prepping for the average person.  

Join Keith and Jon in the Flumadiddle Neuroscience Research facility as they discuss the amazing story of Kim Peek who was the inspiration for the movie "Rain Man".  We also discus...

Join Keith and Jon this week as we interview Marlene from Widows Link.  Hear about what you are supporting when you support Flumadiddle.

1. Donate to Widows 2. Enjoy Great Content 3. Get Rewarded Join Keith and Jon as they explain to you what Flumadiddle Premium Membership is all about.  

Join Jon and Keith in the Flumadiddle Funhouse Studios for our annual Halloween special to discuss the evolution of how clowns became so creepy.  

Some of you may not know that Jon is also a musician! He loves the Flumadiddler's so much that he decided to share some of his originals with the dedicated Premium members. I hope ...

Join Jon and Keith as they attempt to instill some good ole fashion confidence into your life!

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