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Jon and Keith here at the Flumadiddle Spa and Family Resort. Thanks for joining in the really big show again. Today we talk about the all time great jokers and pranksters par excellence, the Three Stooges. Come along for the ride as discuss Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp and Curly Joe.


Keith and Jon here at the Flumadiddle sleep study and sweet dreams institute. Thanks for tuning in to our really big show. Today we discuss what is a big problem for most of us these days. Sleep Deprivation.


Keith and Jon here, to introduce you to your new, favorite podcast... Flumadiddle. Thanks so much for tuning us in and giving us a try. We hope you lovely peoples enjoy listening to the podcast as much as we enjoy making it. We are 2 every day guys slogging our way through the informational wasteland and we are glad you 've come onboard for the ride. In the coming weeks you can expect episodes on topics as diverse as the 3 stooges, flying cars, health/wellness, sleep deprivation, foley art and many more. We are your somewhat relaible source of information... for most things. Sit back, frelax and enjoy our really big show!

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